Friday, January 1, 2010

Funkelnde Perlensterne by Ingrid Moras

This is my new favorite beading book. I got it in November, with the hope that I would make all new ornaments for our tree this year. I got this one (above) done. Just the one. But it was a blast to make, and the diagrams were very easy to follow. Everything is in German, but it does not matter if you have some beading experience.

I used 28 gauge galvanized wire to make mine. I got it from a hardware store, rather than a craft supply store. The 26 ga. wire you can buy at the craft shops is a little bit too thick for multiple passes through glass beads.

This is the book:

I was able to get my copy from Amazon Marketplace. Sometimes you can find German beading books there, and if you are lucky, you can get one that is being shipped from a U.S. address and pay a lot less for the shipping. Look up Ingrid Moras on Amazon, and you will turn up a few books like this one. Someday I'd like to have them all.

I can't show you the inside of her book for copyright reasons, but I am very happy with it. I'm hoping that now that the holidays are over, I will be able to find the time to make more of the patterns from her book. Her method of constructing stars is quite different from the way I learned it, and it's very fun to do. I highly recommend this book.

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