Friday, January 1, 2010

Red Heart Peruvian Print 0946. I hate loving this yarn!

Now, I am still a beginner at knitting, but I wanted to share this colorway with you.

We just went up to visit family in the Chicago suburbs, and on the drive up I bought some Red Heart yarn in the colorway Zebra (black/gray/white) to make a scarf for my oldest son. He picked the color to go with his new black pea coat. I worked on the scarf periodically while we were there, and on the way home I decided I'd need more of the same dye lot, so we stopped at the Walmart in Springfield IL to try to find a match. Luckily, they had it, so I went on to finish that scarf.

While there, I noticed what looked to be a striping yarn called Peruvian Print. I bought a couple skeins to work on while in the van. While I don't care for the squeaky feel of Red Heart, this colorway is so fun that I almost don't mind. I knitted about two feet of scarf before I ran into a repeat of the pattern. I think that when I get out and try my Bond knitting machine, I'll have to make a throw or an afghan in this yarn.

I think that self-striping yarns could be my new addiction. I have a few other kinds of acrylic yarns to try, and I'll post how they work up in scarves, in case you want to see the colors before you go yarn shopping. I'm sure you will do something much prettier with them, but it's nice to see what a yarn does before you order it online or grab some in the store.

This simple scarf is 28 stitches wide on number 9 needles.

This year, I'll post what I'm up to more often. With a three year old, the crafting becomes sporadic, but I think I've figured out ways to keep crafting incorporated into my daily life. I'm eagerly looking forward to this year's round of Thing a Day.

Happy New Year and happy crafting!

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