Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn Hot Stripe #792, better than potato chips

I'm trying to eat less and craft more this year, but in the evenings, which are my munching downfall, I'm too tired to take on anything challenging. So I'm whipping up some basic garter stitch scarves. If visitors come to my house and look cold, they may go home with a scarf to keep the chill off. I'm really liking striping yarns and will probably not rest till I've tried them all. I wanted to knit more of this one before taking a pic, but the daylight was fast disappearing. Anyhow, you get the idea what this yarn does from the above image.

This yarn is so much nicer than Red Heart! The price is slightly higher that Red Heart, but comparable. The skeins are also a little shorter, so buy more than you think you'll need.

I am not wild about this colorway as an accessory, but at least it isn't boring. There's nothing wrong with these colors. I'm just remembering that they (except the blue) could be found in 1970's kitchens, and I'm old enough to remember those vividly. But it's growing on me, as is this yarn.

I Love This Yarn is softer and springier, and less likely to split than Red Heart. Definitely an improvement. And a skein costs less than a bag of Doritos. Maybe I will lose some weight this winter! I'm going to try.

I'll show you what some other striping yarns look like this week. I bought a few of them to get me through the latest cold snap.


Stephen said...

this is my husband's email account so it'll say it's from "stephen". anyways, i too LOVE this yarn. i am currently making an afghan with this exact yarn. it's a got a "heavy" feel to it but it's SO soft. unfortunately, i am not yet finished with it and i have been to two different stores and they are out! AAAHHH!! i was just wondering if you are having trouble finding more of it yourself.


Tyia, with roots and wings said...

Just when I became addicted to this yarn I too am having trouble finding it. I have a half finished monster crocheted up and he is desperate for feet and fingers!! haha. Any luck on locating more yet as my Hobby Lobby's are also out of it :(

ingrid engel said...

I have been buying tons of this yarn, from Crafts Etc. Then Hobby Lobby took over, and JERKED up the price, so we have to find something else to use. By Jerking up the price, was stupid of H.L.

Pickled Pandas said...

I looooooove I Love This Yarn! Best damn acrylic yarn I've ever used! It's so super soft and a joy to work with. Sucks that they raised the price, but it's still cheaper than the more popular yarns (that are itchy!!).

Gemini said...

yeah what whats up with it now being 3.69?