Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fire pendant for Thing-a-Day

It's getting more challenging to find bead combinations in the bowl to make pendants and charms. I have several pendants half-done right now, but this one has fire colors in it, so with one of this week's themes being fire, I finished up this one first for today's thing. The red bicones on the outer edge are all wonky and slightly different sizes, but I made them work as best I could for this piece.

More pendants will be posted later on today, if I can get them finished. I am really liking this project, because I have to tell my inner perfectionist to just be quiet and work with what I have in the bowl. I'm picking more unusual color combos than I otherwise might have done. It has turned into a rewarding creative exercise and I'll probably do it again, with another of the assortments of beads I have lying around here. It certainly has made February less boring for me.

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