Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thing-a-Day Wrap-up

Due to the flu and taxes, I got a few days behind on Thing-a-Day, and just now am catching up. Here are my things from the TAD blog:

Day 25, a simple scarf:
Sorry to not have posted for a few days, but my kids have been sick, and I’ve been sick, and we did our taxes. I did manage to finish this scarf on the 25th.
It’s about 7 feet long, and it’s folded up a bit because I had just worn it out in a snowstorm today and the ends are both wet. This was a mindless TV project, great for someone with the flu.
Day 26--Which is more fun, kitties or taxes?

Kitties, of course!
We spent the day getting everything ready to take to our tax lady, and during the mayhem and unhappiness of that, a package arrived for Seymour the cat. It’s a hand-knitted mouse made with homespun from my friend Mullerslanefarm, on Craftster. She grows her own catnip, and Seymour loves her mice better than anything. Here is his initial reaction to his new toy.
I had a chance to start another easy project yesterday. This is a Knifty Knitter loom with one strand of novelty yarn, and a strand of Caron simply soft. I’m not so sure I like it, but I don’t want to frog it. I think it will go into a tote bag and be carried out to the van for those times when I have to wait for someone and need something to do.

I'll be back soon with my day 28 project.

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