Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thing-a-Day 17 and 18

My two year old has been sick for the last couple of days, so I'm a bit behind in posting here. I did manage to keep posting daily on the TAD blog. In order to catch up, here's a two-fer.

Yesterday I posted these ornaments as a work in progress (next photo down). Here they are as a completed set of six. Each ornament has 16 picots in it. They were really fun to make, even though repetitive after a while.
28-ga wire sticking up everywhere. I use the galvanized stuff from the hardware store, not the copper-based kind from the craft store. The ornaments hold their shape better, and the galvanized is more break-resistant. You have to pull those picots pretty tight. It is maddening to have craft wire break on the last picot.

And here is day 18, a few pendants, one still in progress, and and Ojo de Dios that I started.

I'm not sure whether I'll work on the Ojo more today, or do something else altogether. At any rate, I'll get day 19 in the blog before bedtime. I hope. :)

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Pickled Pandas said...

Those ornaments would make a beautiful garland!