Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thing-a-Day 14--I don't know what they are...

Yesterday morning, my craft room belched forth another baggie of irresistable craft supplies. I bought the rainbow acrylic pieces in San Deigo, CA sometime in the late eighties or early nineties. The acrylic rivoli stones were from a long-ago "bosses bead bag" from Fire Mountain Gems, also purchased in the early nineties. They'd been languishing in my craft room for a very long time.

I added some really, really bright acrylic yarn, and a pom-pom tool:

And these guys were born!

But what are they? Owlets? Aliens from outer space? Owlets from outer space?

They seem fond of the odd parlor games to be found in our house, so they have a wack sense of humor.

They were really fun to make, but now I'm thinking about buying another crafting tool, the Clover Brand pom pom maker. The one I was using produces a sloppy, uneven pom pom. I may try this again sometime this year. It's be fun to have a few of these guys peeking out from the branches of next year's Christmas tree.

This is a link to the Clover pom pom maker, to show what they look like:

It looks like this item will make a fuller, more consistent pom pom. Maybe I'll talk myself into getting one for Easter crafting. Yeah, that's it! I have an excuse to buy one now! I'll do a comparison post later on... :)

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Pickled Pandas said...

I love these! They would look great clustered together all over a purse!