Friday, February 6, 2009

A little help with photos, and my day 6 project

If, like me, you don't have a very good camera, or the money to spend on a light box, you can make your photos of small craft projects show up more clearly without breaking the bank. First, get a touch-light from the hardware store, or at Walmart. The touchlights are good to have on hand for stormy weather anyhow. This one uses 4 AA batteries. Hang it up on a wall where you can find it in the dark, when you are not using it for picture-taking.
Next, get a plastic shoebox, like this one. With any luck, you may already have one in your home and not have to spend any money on it at all. Place your shoebox bottom on top of your touchlight upside down, like this:
Now, add a piece of white or off-white fabric or a piece of paper to act as a light-diffuser. After laying your light diffuser on top of the box, arrange your craft(s) and take your pictures. The light from below should eliminate the need for flash, keeping your photo from being ruined. Give it a try---it helps.
Now, here is my craft for today, these beaded hearts. I'm still working out the design, but they are fun to do. Once I can explain how I do this coherently, there will be a tutorial, if you like.

A close-up of the red one:

I might get more beading done this evening. These are the first projects out of the new bowl of beads.

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